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Thursday, November 11, 2010

mens volleyball

Sorry everyone for taking so long, but as you all know things tend to get quite busy around here fairly easily.
In the mean time, we caught up with Junior Mark DeVivo in an effort to get the inside scoop on this year's volleyball team. *Note, this interview has been sitting around for a while and we just haven't had the change to put it up. Here we go:

WR: Thanks for sitting down with us Mark. First things first: how dose the team look this year in terms of returning players?
MD: We've lost a lot of seniors. Much of our starting rotation last year was comprised of the now-graduated senior class. Specifically we lost Middle hitter Taylor Gilmore, starting setter Steve Schumacher, starting outside hitter Chris Benneman, and starting middle Ben Cratsley.

WR: And the guys returning?
MD: Returning our starting outside Mike "Chubbs" Cratsley, starting middle Timon Willits, setter Jake Choby, setter/weak side Kyle Reu, and myself at Libero.

WR: How about the freshman showing? Did any young guns come out for the team?
MD: We had two freshman come out as well as two juniors. This brings our total to 15 for the fall season. We might be able to get a member of the basketball team after that season has concluded...

WR: Do you have any key matchups for this season?
MD: All of the teams we play will be pretty good, meaning we need to play our best in every match. But our toughest opponents will be Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Robert Morris University, and Duquesne University. We have the possibility of playing Messiah College. They are consistently ranked in the top two teams in the nation.

WR: That said, what are your practices like? How have they been this year?
MD: Practices have gone very well. We do need to keep the focus, given our tough schedule. We usually practice 3 times per week, 2 hours per practice.

WR: Sounds great! I'll conclude with this: what are your expectations for the season?
MD: We hope to be able to 3-peat at the tournament at IUP this year. We've played well at each of the last two. We also hope to walk away as POVL (our athletic section) champs. We've never been able to do this. We have come close the past two years with a second place finish in each.

Mark expressed to us that he wants a great attendance at both the guy's and the girls games this year. Check the site for updates for campus sporting events.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cross Country Update

WolverineRage had a chance to catch up with Senior cross country runner Garrett Cichowitz to ask a few questions about this year's season. Below you will find our interview:

WR: Garrett, let's get right to the chase: how is the first part of the GCC Wolverine Cross Country season going?
GC: There has been a general excitement amongst team members for the start of XC, but now we are getting into the grueling part of the season where it is really important to be disciplined.

WR: It's always good to hear buzz about anything GCC. But how about the team itself? Has the Wolverine squad lost and key members from last season to this one? Have we picked up anyone who is making a name in the XC world?
GC: For the second year in a row we have graduated or lost 5 of our top season varsity runners. For any team this is a huge loss. Wihtout a doubt we have a lot of work and building ahead of us. On the bright side we have in a very real sense the most talented freshman class the school has seen in the last 30years. In our first race of the season 4 of our top 7 runners were freshman and 2 were sophomores. We may be a young team but we have got a lot of depth and talent. 4 freshman specifically have showed strong early on… Mark Talbott, Arleigh McRae, Paulsen Domasky, and Alec Schultz.

WR: It certainly sounds like the team can make some significant progress in the next few weeks. But how? Is there anything that you, as a team, work on outside of practice to bolster your unity?
GC: This is my favorite part of being in a leadership role on the team. 2 of my favorite things to do include pasta parties and going to warriors as a team and praying together afterwards.

WR: So is there any school or competitor that you will face this year that could be considered a rival?
GC: Our biggest rival is definitely St. Vincent. They are an equally if not more talented team and almost beat us for the Conference title last year. This year we are in line to win our 20th consecutive PAC Championship, but St. Vincent will be more than knocking at the door for it.

WR: We'll certainly be cheering all of you on for that race. The season is underway. Can you comment on any of the meets/races that you have run thus far?
GC We have run strong, but more importantly we are training smart. I think we are going to continue to show steady improvement.

WR: Do you think that improvement can culminate in a playoff berth, or even a PAC title?
GC: Lord willing with no injuries and a bit more experience we should win the PAC championship again and place for the 5th year in a row as a top 10 regional team in the NCAA Division 3 Mideast Region.

WolverineRage would like to wish Garret and all of the other stud/stud-ette Cross Country runners luck and health this up-and-coming season. Check back here later in the year for updates and news about the team!


biggest lax fan, announced!

it is with great pleasure that we at WolverineRage introduce this poll's biggest fan. So without further adieu, this poll's biggest fan is Dan Vaccaro! Congradulations, Dan! Check back later this week for a video update from our winner!

Monday, September 20, 2010


we want to know what you want!
leave a comment with a suggestion about what you need to know about campus! we'll try to get whatever we can.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

biggest fan, part 2.

so it's become apparent that there is now, and will be, debate about the week's biggest fan. so here's how we'll do this:
- every tuesday, we will open a thread for nominations. at 12 am on saturday, the nomination thread will close.
- i will then post a poll in which you can vote for everyone who gets nominated. voting will end 12 am tuesday morning and the winner will be announced.

let the nominating begin!

biggest fan

we all know the lax team has fans. but who is above and beyond everyone else in terms of dedication? who has the burning passion of a lover seeking revenge; a man fighting with no tomorrow? this is what the RAGE is seeking. we want to find the biggest fan. leave a comment with nominations.

perks of being the biggest fan include:
-recognition among men as a fanatical individual and the fame thereof.
-a video interview with RAGE. 
-something special during the next home game. 

get to it. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lacrosse Pre-season Rundown

Welcome back to school ladies and gentleman. It's time once again to get excited for intervis, absurd amounts of work, and free-flying frisbees all over campus. Yet, there is much more to be held within the limits of Grove City College's campus. Without further adieu, let's talk about some lacrosse!

The Pre-season spotlight shines brightly on the Crimson and White, with several different aspects that require attention. This season the Wolverines will be returning most of their starters. Among the notable losses include two captains Alex Teal and Josh Hostetler, and Senior Chris Kellner. These losses leave a few questions that need answered. But on the upside, the Wolverines have the resources this year to find some answers. There are 19 young men looking to prove themselves on the front lines of battle and vie for starting positions, particularly at the close defense position in support of Senior Goalkeeper Andrew Dymski.

Among other news, the self-proclaimed "Year of the Brothers" is in full swing. Seniors Andrew Dymski and Jon Althausen have each have freshman brothers (Chris and Ryan, respectively) making runs at the team this year. Both are expected to play large roles on this year's team.